6 easiest tips to keep your home clean:
6 easiest tips to keep your home clean:

6 easiest tips to keep your home clean:

 Home: It is a place where we live and we all have to spend most of the time in our home.Every one loves it’s home without any reason and finds comfort and peace at his home either it is a small flat or a palace.Every body also tried to keep it clean always because it is the place where we all have to live.

        There are some people who don’t value the place much where they live and so they don’t keep it clean.But every one should keep it clean beacuse :

      “Cleanliness is half of faith.’

    So here are some general tips that can help you keeping your home clean:

     1_ First identify some places as clean places.It means that make some place for putting your shoes when you are coming from outside or make some place for putting your wahable clothes or washable dishes etc.

     2_Always try to keep your bedroom and drawing rook clean.Your bed should always be made beacuse it makes all the room clean.If you have drawn bed sheet on the bed rightly and properly, it looks tidy and clean all over the room.

      3_Try to keep things at their right place. It reduces the mess all over the house.For example:if you have used any thing and then you put it over their where you have used then it will create a mess but putting it back at its right place will never create a mess.

        4_Create some short challenges for you and your kids.It will be super funny by challenging them.Challnege them to do their rooms clean and you try to keep all the home  clean.

     5_Don’t out wahsbable dishes in the sink for too much time.Try to wash them as soon as possible because if you do so,the kitchen looks so messy and it doesn’t looks so good over all.

    6_Try to wash your curtains,bed sheets etc weekly as washing them daily is not possible.

     It is more important to create some good habits eventually in you rather than doing these things for some time and then just quitting it.So start by these simple tips and you will try to find a very beautiful change in your house which you would love to see always.





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