Benefits of eggs regarding health and beauty:
Benefits of eggs regarding health and beauty:

Benefits of eggs regarding health and beauty:

        Eggs are rich source of Omega_3,Vitamins and other nutrients etc.They are also rich source of proteins which are proved to be much beneficial in weight loss.Eating eggs daily and adding them in our routine according to our body needs benefits us a lot beyond our imaginations.

          Benefits of eating eggs:

       Eating two boiled egg whites in a day helps in weight loss.They are rich of proteins and Vitamins,Omega_3 that gives proper nutrients to your body that it needs and gives you feel  of filling.

    Eating eggs also helps in lowering blood pressure,reduce the risk of diseases and also improves the muscle mass and bones etc.

   Eating eggs help improve digestion and it is also full of nutrients that are important for our body.

   But the right time and right way is much important if we want all these benefits.

        Benefits regarding beauty:

     Eggs are also an important ingredient that helps in beautifying our skin and hair etc. Eggs are used in different ways to increase our beauty.

       Egg yolk mixed in yoghurt is best remedy for rough hair and dandruff as it cures the dandruff and provides silkiness and shine to our hair.It also  helps reducing the dandruff.

       Eggs are not only beneficial to our body but also helps improving skin quality.

It helps nourishing our skin and reduces the pimples and scars of the face.

  Eggs face pack help us in minimizing the only skin and get rid of puffiness and blackheads .

   Egg white mixed with lemon juice and honey can also bring glow on your face as it helps nourish your skin and provide every essential nutrients that it needs for a shiny face.

   Some face packs can also be prepared by mixing egg whites or egg yolks in them.They bring magical and superb results.Following are the face packs :

   1_ Egg white mixed with tomato juice helps bringing freshness to the face.

  2_  Egg white mixed with aloe vera and honey is also superb for our face and skin.As it helps hydrating the body and face.

  3_Egg white mixed with vaseline is suitable for every skin type even for sensitive skin type.It helps us get rid of blackheads and helps us in firming the pores if used regularly.

      If eggs are used more than our need,it can also prove harmful for our body.So there should be a balance in use of everything.As egg contains fat content also that can increase our cholesterol or cause any other damage to the body.So be wise in eating eggs according to our body need.



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