Essay on city life:
Essay on city life:

Essay on city life:


  Every thing made in this world as it’s benefits as well as disadvantages.Similarly,city and village life also have it’s own pains and pleasures which can not be ignored while choosing any one as priority. 

         Pleasures of city life:

          Today,in this modern and advanced world,where world is moving towards living at place like moon etc,everyone wants to become advanced and gain comfort and luxuries in life that are available frequently in cities.People living in villages shift to cities so that they can lead a luxurious life full of comfort.City has innumerable schools,colleges,universities,hospitals,shopping malls that add up to people gaining knowledge,help people in time of an emergency and also provides them with a place of entertainment and pleasure.

        Cities have many fun lands,parks ,cinema halls etc where people at weekends come and take a break from their monotonous routine of work.They enjoy there,relax and come back home ,feeling fresh and free from  tiredness of whole week’s activities.

        Many schools colleges are built that help children gain the knowledge of high standard.Education of best quality with facilities is available in cities which is not provided in villages.That’s why some people shift from villages to city for the sake of education of their children.

         Pains of city life:

      But it has also some drawbacks that people living in cities can not breathe in clean atmosphere as there is much environmental  pollution in cities.There are many cases of robbery,theft etc in cities.

     There is a race and  competition of high standards and classes cities as women  live a comfortable life,they have nothing to do much in the whole day,they start comparing their life with other women and other people.While those women living in villages do not have time for such stupid things.They wake up early in the morning and start their day with Allah’s name and spend their while ay working hard,some work with their husbands,father’s or brothers etc.They feel so tired after whole day’s exhausting work that they find no time for such useless things.

   People living in cities  also do not have  fresh things available for their eating  like they do not get fresh fruits,vegetables or fresh milk etc.So they have feed on preserved things that are not fresh.


     But as every thing has its benefits as well as drawbacks so any place could not be chosen as the best place to live as both have their drawbacks also.




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