Health is wealth:
Health is wealth:

Health is wealth:

It is famous proverb:

           “Health is wealth.”

But very few people know it and understand the importance of health in their life.Some people may think that earning money is just the ultimate purpose of the life that gives all pleasures and comforts in life.

But this is the  wrong thinking as wise men have said:”Health is wealth.”This proverb has all the ultimate meanings and purposes of life in explains that if a person is healthy,he should think that he has all the wealth of the world and he is the wealthiest man of the world.

Health provides us with chance to enjoy the life to its fullest and spend life in pleasures and comforts.If man has health,he can do any thing easily which he wants.But if he is ill or not healthy he can not enjoy his life.Life of illness gives a lot of sufferings and pains.

If a person’s functional abilities of his body and mental state are good,it means he is healthy.He can get his desired happiness,  joy and comfort in his life.But if due to any reasons his body temperature or physical or mental state is not well,he is not healthy.This gives him  anger,depression and anxiety that disturbs his social life also.

If a person is well and free from all diseases,he can focus entirely at his work and can work hard with full enthusiasm.As a result of which he gets good results and might succeed in his life.But on the other hand,if he is not healthy and he is suffering from any physical or mental disaese,he could not focus entirely at his work and could not give full attention and proper focus to his work.As a  result of which he might not succeed in his life.

      Health is necessary  for our success, happiness and  prosperity in life.Without health,no one can succeed in his life and  he does not  has all the happiness of the world if he is healthy .So we should always try to remain fit and healthy and try to take care of our health.Along with that,we should also pray to Allah Almighty that may He bless us with a healthy and prosperous life.

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