How can we improve our English language :
How can we improve our English language :

How can we improve our English language :

We all know that English is spoken almost all over the world as a foreign language.If anyone from Pakistan,India pr China act goes  to London,U.k,China,when he does not know their language like Chinese so he/she can sp3ak English to communicate with them easily.It carroes much value by foriegners and English peiple.

So in order to be safe from any problem if we want yo travel abroad in any country,we can learn how to speak 3nglish fluently as it will help us dealing and communicating with those people living abroad.Learning English is not that much difficult. It is just a game of mind and our will.There are many people who are reluctant to speak English or even learn English as they are shy.Bur no one should feel disgrace in learning any type of language as languages are meant to be learn and speak.So if any body does not know any type of language and if he is willing to learn that language,he must learn that language as soon as  possible.He should also not be any in making mistakes through his learning process as these mistakes  will help him learn properly.

Following are the tips if you want to learn English language:

Try to surround yourself with the people with whom you can speak English and they don’t make fun of you rather they just correct you out politely It will boost up your level of confidence.

Learn as much vocabulary words in a day as you can.It will increase your vocabulary and it will gives you the courage to speak English fluently.

Watch English movies as watchi g movies in English will also add up to your English learning material.

Try to expand your reading and writing  of English skills.Try inproving your grammar also.

As it is age of multi _media ,so you can also use that benefit to help you in learning English.Install some apps that will benefit you much in learning English.

Don’t lose hope and confidence in yourself.You are the only one that can help you in doing anything.Just you are the game changer.If you are willing to do any thing,then you will do it.Nothing is more difficult or bigger than your own will power .So always believe in yourself.


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