Tips to be happy in your life:
Tips to be happy in your life:

Tips to be happy in your life:


Today,man lives in a world where every one is busy making his life more and more luxurious.He is just busy in earning money and become more rich as they have make it the measure of their happiness.But many rich people who have much money and they are the  richest person,they are unhappy with their lives as they are unable to find peace in their lives.So it should be kept in mind that just money is not the guarantee of your happiness.

Everyone’s view about happiness is different.As someone can be happy in living in a house of just two or three rooms but on the other hand,someone wishes for a big bungalow or a big palace.If someone wishes to get a job of some thousand rupees,an other person wishes to get millions of rupees from his job.So if anyone wants to be happy in his life,he has different wishes and desires to fulfill.

But here are some general tips and advices to remain happy in your life:

1_First of all, everyone should try to Thank Allah Almighty for what he is blesses with.As Allah is the most Merciful and He can not do injustice with anyone.

2­_Don’t be jealous of anyone.Nothing good comes out of jealousy ever.If you are jealous with the others,you are just ruining yourself and it just worsens your personality.

3 _Always try to enjoy little things that you take for granted always.Try to notice those little things and try to be happy at those things.As these little things add big happiness in your life that gives you best memories to have.

4_Exercise daily.You must be thinking that it does not make any sense but it makes.Every time you do exercise,your body releases  hormones which makes you feel happy from inside.

This can be also added with a walk with your best friend or  with any person whom you would  love to walk with.

5_Always try to have a balanced  diet and try to enjoy your food .As there are many persons who just love food and food is the only thing that can make them happy.So be wise in choosing the quality and quantity of food.

6_You can go to your favourite place that can be any restaurant,shopping mall or any place which you love.

7_Watch any movie with your partner or buddy or your family member.

8_Try to spend at least 30_40minutes with the nature.Spending time in greenery,birds and flowers will give you eternal peace.It will lowers your blood pressure and it will make you stress_free.

  • If you are passing through bad or hard times,remember no one is happy all the time.Life is a collection of good plus bad times.You can neither be happy all the time nor sad all the time.So if bad time come in your life,breathe deeply.Close your eyes and try to remember any beautiful memory of your life or happiest times of your life.Keep in mind always that time always has to pass on.So you should relax by thinking that if happy moments never remain always in your life,so bad times also will not remain forever.




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