How to be nice and kind with others:
How to be nice and kind with others:

How to be nice and kind with others:

Kindness is an act of doing some good deed with other without expecting something good in return from them.

Today,when we are living in the world where everyone is worried about just himself and he is just trying to be nice and kind with only himself while ignoring all the other people who care about him.It is not fair to think about only yourself and to do things that just satisfy your soul by ignoring other people’s emotions and making them sad.

         Tips to be nice and kind to some one:

Here are some tips and advices that will help you become nice,kind and decent man.

These tips will help you lead a happier life in which you does not think about yourself only but also take care of others.So here are the  tips:

1_First of all you should be aware that happiness just not come when you think about yourself but it comes when you try to make others happy.

2_If you want to be a nice person start from your family. Buy a gift for your spouse friend mother or father or your any sibling.

­­­3_Try to help out your mom in kitchen work that will make your mom happy.

4_Try to help your dad  in washing his car.

5_Call your friend and tell him how he how much he is important to you.

Also give him a gift or a card showing that how much his/her friendship is valued by you.

6_Buy some sweets or eatables for your colleagues/coworkers.

7_Give any person a lift who is in in need of that.

8_Try to show respect to elders, your teachers and your parents .

9_Give your friend a photo album which contains  the beautiful memories of both of you.

10_Give every person a Dua which will make him feel pleased.

11_Help any poor if you can by giving him some food or money.

12_Try to help out every person who needs your help without expecting something good in return.It will benefit you a lot and will give you eternal peace.

13_Try to speak something good to who is in worry or any grief as he needs some good words to take himseld out of that worry.

Your little attitude of affection can bring a big change in some one’s life.So be careful in your behaviour.


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