How to groom yourself to be the best version of you:
How to groom yourself to be the best version of you:

How to groom yourself to be the best version of you:

As people are becoming more beauty conscious all across the world day by day.Every one wants to be slim,smart and beautiful I’m every way to approach the best opportunities for himself.It should be understood that as your outer soul needs beautification and purification from all evils,your inner soul needs the same.It should be cleaned from all the evils like bad thoughts,negativity etc,.

But as apparent beauty is admired by the world, so everyone is busy trying to beautify his outer soul and to purify his outer soul.It is also necessary  to move in the society.

       Tips to groom yourself:

Here are some tips to groom yourself to be  better you so everyone likes you:

First of all ,it should be kept in mind that whether it is male or female, every one should take care of his / her hygiene.He/she should always remain neat and clean  even if he wants to remain simple and modest.

After that,here are the tips for female to beautify them and groom them in a better way:

Females should always take care of their face properly.If there are extra hairs on the face,they should remove them off in any way that suits them whether it is wax or by threading or in any other way as she likes.

Try to comb hair daily as combing hair daily improves your hair health and it also gives you a neat and pleasant appearance.

Make any  good hairstyle if you can .

Always sprinkle any deodorant,body spray or perfume at you  because fragrance coming from you gives you a high level of confidence by which groom comes in your personality also.

Do a little makeup if you are going outside as doing little make up also grooms your look and you look pretty in that way.

Always try to wear clothes which colour and designing suits your body shape and skin colour. So Be wise in  choosing  your clothes’ colour and design .

Wear lens in any party or function  if you are putting on spectacles in daily routine due to weak eye_sight as it will take you out from your monotonous look.

Wear any type of bracelet or ring etc if you wish to as it looks nice.

Choose proper hairstyles according to your face look.Because every hairstyle don’t suit every one.

Some little things can add a big change in your appearance and personality.So try to groom yourself up by changing those little things that can enhance your beauty and make you look more prettier,younger and beautiful than you are,


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