How to lose weight
How to lose weight

How to lose weight



As the obesity all over the world is increasing day by day,so most of the people are always in the search of some miracle to lose their weight.As obesity is the reason and the way that leads to many diseases like heart attack,diabetes etc.,so people are trying their best to lose those extra pounds that they have gained almost through years but they try to lose them in a few days.As it is not possible to lose those extra pounds in a few days,they are demotivated and quit thinking that they will lose their  weight ever.But this is not the solution to lose the weight.

       How to lose               weight:

As everything needs some time and patience,so to lose weight we should also be relaxed and give time to it.First of all,the main things to keep in mind so that we always remain motivated are mentioned below:

*The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that we can not lose our weight in just a few days.So always be patient if you want to lose your weight in a healthy way.

*The second thing that we have to keep in mind is that we can lose weight only if we switch to a healthy life style and adopt some healthy way to approach for a permanent weight loss.

*Weight loss can never occur by crash diets in which you have to starve.To lose weight,we have to make a long journey of a healthy routine and healthy eating that will lead us to our weight loss.

   Some things to lose weight in a healthy way:

Here are some tips to lose weight permanently and in a healthy way:

1_First of all,we should opt for healthy food instead of junk and fast food.

2_Switch your unhealthy high caloric food to low calorie healthy food like replacing a pack of chips with a pack of popcorn.

3_To meet up your late night cravings,opt for a cup of green tea or a bowl of popcorn etc.

4_Add at least 2_3 cups of green tea in your daily routine.

5_Start your weight loss journey with as much walk as you can and take it to at least one hour walk in a day.

6_Start doing exercise at least 4 days per week.

6_Instead of keeping eye on calories of food,you should look on the healthier thing that you can opt For example:there are less calories in white rice but it is less nutritious  than brown rice as brown rice is very bit high in calories but it is much nutritious and rich of fibre that is good for your body.

7_ Measure your weight at least one time per week to see your progress in  your weight loss journey.

8_Always be stress free as you all must know that when you are in tension,your body releases a hormone that triggers your body’s peace and it slows down the process of weight loss

9_You can never lose weight until if you don’t have a proper sleep as much as you need.Start sleeping early in the night and try to wake up early in the morning.Try to have 6_8hours sleep at least for a healthy weight loss.

Always remain motivated and stress free.Believe in yourself and in your power that you can do it.Only that is “YOU”that can prevent yourself from diseases and  give you a healthy and happier life in which you can look younger than your elder siblings and enjoy the life in a proper way.




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