How to pray tahajjud prayer:
How to pray tahajjud prayer:

How to pray tahajjud prayer:

Tahajjud prayer is not obligatory upon Muslims that they are compelled to pray.But  it is the time when Allah Almighty lowers down from the Heavens and ask people:”Is there any one who ask for forgiveness.?I will forgive him.”. “Is there any one who ask for anything?He should be listened and responded.

Tahajjud is prayed by Holy Prophet peace be upon Him so it is considered as Sunnah.But on the other hand,it is also considered as nafal prayer.

          Time for tahajjud prayer:

The actual time for tahajjud prayer is in the last third of night.It should also be prayed after waking up from sleep.Its time us between the time from Isha prayer till Fajr prayer.

             How to pray it?

Here are given some general things that might help you in your tahajjud prayer.Hope they all work on you and you may get benefit from it:

­1_First of all,make intention to wake up for tahajjud prayer.

2_For waking up for the tahajjud prayer,you may set an alarm or tell your any family member to wake you up for it.

3_ After setting an alarm or telking someone to wake you up,make strong niyat to wake up and perform tahajjud.Because these are the intentions that are counted.

4_When you wake up for tahajjud,first do miswak according to sunnah of Holy Prophet peace be upon Him.

5_After you have done miswak,perform wuzu with the intention of being clean from the all the evilt things.

6_Take your prayer mat to a clean place of your home that can be any place in your house but must be clean.

7_Do niyat for tahajjud prayer in your heart and also do niyat to be free from all the evil thoughts that shaitan forced in your heart.

8_You can pray from two to thirteen rakats.They might be increased.There is not any problem un increasing the number of rakats.

9_After performing tahajjud,make Dua from Allah Almighty putting yourself before Him as the weakest person who can do nothing without help of Allah.

Cry while making Dua.Make Dua from the pure heart.Never ask for anything that is forbidden or haram.

Always ask from Allah with the intention that your Dua must he listened and responded.Just be patient and wait for it.

Try to engage your family members also with you in performing tahajjud.You can pray with your spouse,children or parents or any family member whom you can.It will benefit you also.

In the end,also pray other five  obligatory prayers  on their time and if you are male,try to pray them in mosque as it is told by Holy Prophet (peace be upon Him).

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