Most effective tips for long,thick and silky hair:
Most effective tips for long,thick and silky hair:

Most effective tips for long,thick and silky hair:

Everyone wants long, thick and shiny hair but for them no one wants to do time taking work.Every body needs some small,non time_consuming remedies which help them I’m making their hair long,straight,shiny and more thicker.

So here are the most effective tips for your hair that you were looking for.These tips will make your hair grow fastly,becoming thicker and silkier. So the tips are:

First of all,you must know about you hair type.So try to do hair treatments that suit your hair.

Then the things that you can do at home are following:

1_You can  apply a mixture of yoghurt +banana mashed in it.It gives strength to your hair.

2_ Aloe vera gel is best for any hair type.The juice of aloe vera can provide silkiness to your hair.

3_Onion juice is also very beneficial in hair growth and it helps in making your hair grow fastly and makes your hair smooth and shiny.

4_Rice water is another important ingredient in your home that is good for your hair.Rice water also nourishes your hair properly.

5_Applying egg yolk at your hair strengthens your hair and make your hair smooth,straight and shiny.

6_Massaging your hair with olive oil improves blood circulation which makes your hair long and straight.

7_Another tip to make your hair long and silky is don’t shampoo  your hair  regularly.Shampooing your hair daily damages your hair instead of providing benefit as there are many chemicals present in it.

8_You should apply hair conditioner twice or at least once a week.It will also make our hair smooth and shiny

9_Applying a mixture of yoghurt+oil+honey+aloe vera gel will give you results beyond your imagination.It will make your hair grow fastly.

10_Coconut oil and almond oil both are also very beneficial for hair growth as they provide Magnesium,Omega 3 and all the nutrients needed for hair growth.

These tips must be followed in a proper way to get the effective and desired results.


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