My Father/father’s day:
My Father/father’s day:

My Father/father’s day:

   Every year,Father’s day is celebrated at 20th of June in the whole world.This day is particularly regarded for the fathers and at this special day,fathers are being thanked for their love,support and compassion that he gives us.

           Parents are the most precious thing in the world.Without them,we can not even survive properly as they gave birth to us,took care of us and provided us every facility that we wish for.Mother’s position is also very much valued and respectable in Islam.Besides that , fathers have also been given much esteem and regard.

             Paradise lies under feet of mother.Similarly,on the other hand,Holy Prophet (peace be upon Him)said:

         “Father is door of Jannah”.

         This Hadith explains the real position and value of father and it means that we should behave nicely with both our father and mother .We should treat them with pure love and respect.We should never tease them and always try to give them respect.

      Father:a name arrives in our minds when we think of love, loyalty,courage and strength.He is the first person that comes in our life who teaches us to face difficulties in life bravely and he provides us courage and strength to pass through difficult phases of life with much easiness.He is the only guy that provides us with shelter and protection and he taught us how to face the world when we know nothing about the world.

          Our father earns for us so that he could fulfill our wishes and desires.He provides us with every facility and every thing that we ask for.He spends his young age working hard for his family and children.He faces difficulties of the world so that his family don’t have to go through any difficulty .

       Father gives his family everything it needs without thinking about himself.He neglects himself and just cares about his family,his children that they must be provided with a life full of comfort and he tries to provide every luxury to his family that he can provide them. 

         At the end,I must say that there must not any one day regarded as day for father or mother because every day spend with them is a fathers day and mother’s day.We should love them every day.At father’s day,we should express our love to them  by thanking them or giving any present to them or by giving them any surprise.It may please them and we should enjoy these special days and try to celebrate small happier moments of our life 


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