My Hobby_an essay:
My Hobby_an essay:

My Hobby_an essay:


People are living in an advanced century now,where they have to work hard and struggle as much as possible to lead a luxurious and comfortable life.So he has to work hard with dedication and devotion so he may succeed in getting achieved his all wishes and desires in his life.He works from dawn till dusk and after the whole day’s tiring tasks he feel so much lethargic and tired.He feels monotonous routine so boring as he wakes up daily in the morning,goes to his work,do his daily work with much effort and dedication and then in the night he comes back home being so tired and enervated.

Every one must take a break from his monotonous routine and do any healthy activity according to his taste and interest that may releases his mind from all the worries of the world and makes him feel better and fresh.That thing can be of any type that he likes to do and that thing can be called as:”hobby”.


There are many things included in the category of hobby.Hobby can be reading books,gardening,stamp or coin collecting,writing stories etc.It must not be any job that makes you worried.It should be kept separate from your business or job.

          My hobby:

I like reading books in my free time.I have adopted this habit of reading books since I was too young.I love reading informative books,magazines or historical books that provide us with vast knowledge and that sharpens our mind.

My parents also support me financially if I have any problem in buying expensive books.My father recommends me good ,informative books which I never regret reading.I always read them with interest and I had always gained some information after reading books.Books can be your companion in your loneliness,I believed in this line too much.I read books on a daily basis.I am too much involved in the activity if reading books daily that I have a small library in my house in which there are so many books.Some books are related to my course that I loved keeping them in library and some books are novels,magazines,historical books etc.

Whenever I find any spare time in my day,I come to my library and start reading books.If I am in any tension or worry,I read books.This has been proven the best way to keep me away from tension and worries of my daily life.

  •           I love reading books and also recommend/advises  my friends to read books on daily basis to increase knowledge.I also advises them to be sensible and not waste their precious time in useless activities that do not benefits them.

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