My House:
My House:

My House:

­House is a place where every one finds peace and comfort.

Coming back to our home after all day’s tiring tasks give us an energy and makes our mind relax.

House is just a place made of bricks and cement but a home is made by the laughter and good behaviour of people with each other

An essay on topic:”My House”is as follows:

My house is neither too small nor too big.

My house is made up of three rooms.One  room is of my parents,the other room is of my sister and the third one is my room.

Every one’s room is well furnished and decorated.

My room is all decorated according to my choice.

As I like blue colour so all the things in  my room is set according to this colour.My sister’s room, as she likes red colour so her room is decorated according to that colour.

We have a big lawn I’m front of our house.

In that lawn,approximately every type of flower is present as we have a gardener for this duty of taking care of those plants.

Me,my sister and my mother also plays with me sometimes in that lawn.

When my father comes back home in the evening,we all sit together and spend a great time together..In  this way,

I also help my mother and father in setting the house and keeping this house neat and clean .

There is a beautiful kitchen in the corner of my house in which my mother cooks delicious foods for me and my sister.

We enjoy those foods especially when  we all are watching t.v in t.v lounge.

My mother cleans the house daily and also advises us to keep it clean as it is the place where we spend our most of the time of the day.So we should  try to keep it clean.




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