My last day at school:essay
My last day at school:essay

My last day at school:essay


School is place where,at very first day,we went crying because we do not want to go there and study.But as time passes by,we grew up,we start adapting ourself in the environment of school and we start liking our school.Time moves on and then a day arrives when we have to leave our school which we start loving gradually with the passage of time.That day may  called as farewell as on this day,juniors arrange a party for school leaving batch/class and then the class leave the school collecting lots of memories and best wishes for their future.

            Our last day at school:

        Similarly,we were also in the tenth class and our papers were coming near,so the principal of our school decided to make us free from school and give us time to prepare for board exams by ourselves.So a farewell party was arranged for us by the Mam principal,teachers and our juniors.We were invited at sharp 3 o’ clock in the school ground.We,all classmates decided to go to school together.So we gathered somewhere and reached school.When we reached school,the whole school was decorated like any new bride.It was looking so great.The party started at 3:30 pm with the recitation of Holy Quran by our beloved junior.Then official party started.First of all,there was an arrangement of two funny skits by our juniors.Then they performed a dance performance which was much appreciated by the audience and hooting was also carried on.

       Our juniors were also so excited.After the dance performance,they awarded us with super funny titles which were so much suitable for every one.This title giving ceremony was then followed by our title giving ceremony.We awarded our teachers with the titles that suited them and that were funny.After all this,our Principal came at the stage and did a great,heart_wrenching speech that includes the best wishes for our future and some advices for us that may help us in the practical life.Then Mam Principal asked from us if any one among us wants to go at the stage and say something.A friend of us go and he also did a great,emotional spoech that made us almost cry and even teachers were having tears in their eyes.Then I go at the stage and thanked to all my teachers,all school staff that played an important role in getting us education full of facilities without any difficulties.After that,a dinner was arranged for all of us.We enjoyed the dinner and came back from school,tears in our eyes and with heavy hearts. These school memories will live forever in our hearts.We would never forget them in our life.

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