My six  wishes in life:paragraph writing
My six wishes in life:paragraph writing

My six wishes in life:paragraph writing


Pople longs  for happiness and comfort in their life and they wish to make  progress in life and enjoy a comfortable and luxurious life.They seem happinèss in their  short life.So people have different measures and parameters of their happiness and success.Some people think that happiness is the only thing that can make their life beautiful while some people think  that money can make them happy so they want to earn lots of money to be happy in their life.But some people think that relationships make life worth living.

Different people have different wishes in life so that they can enjoy the life to its fullest.I am also a student of 2nd year and I also have different wishes in life that I badly wants to turn real in life because these are my life  changing wishes and desires. So here is the list of my top ten wishes:

      My wishes in life:

1_First of all,I want that  I  could go with my parents to perform Umrah. It is the best and my dream place that I wish to visit once in my life time.I ask Allah after my every prayer  to fulfil my this wish.

2_I want to become a famous journalist.As becoming journalist is not that much difficult but performing that duty is a difficult responsibility.But it is my passion to becon3 a journalist and spread truth and awareness among the public.

3_It is my wish that may Allah Almight give long and healthy life to my parents.Sp that whenever  i have to face any challenge in life,my parents would be standing there for me and to support me.

4_I wish to travel the whole world and do great adventures in my life.I want to visit each and every corner of the whole World as I love nature and I am a great admirer of nature.So I want to visit the most beautiful places on the Earth.

5_I want to become a famous personality by doing any thing proudful for my country that benefits my country as well as that makes me a famous person.I wish that every person know me.

6_I  wish  that I can become  a master  chef of my home.I love  looking and eating .So I want to peruse my this love for cooking and become  very famous in the world of  chefs whose recipes are enjoyed all over the world.


In the last,I have to say that wishes are made in life and they must be tackled like wishes.We should pray to Allah Almighty that he fulfilled all our wishes and desires that are good for us and he keeps away every thing from our minds that can harm us in this world or in the Hereafter.


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