Some amazing benefits of doing exercise daily :
Some amazing benefits of doing exercise daily :

Some amazing benefits of doing exercise daily :

 EXERCISE:the name which comes to our mind only if someone wants to lose his/her weight or gain weight or he has any serious problem related to health.But we should clear this misconception first of all that only they should exercise who wants to gain or lose their weight.It is totally wrong.Exercise is meant for all as it benefits everyone and everyone must take out least thirty minutes daily for himself and to stay fit and healthy.As Exercise plays very important role in keeping us healthy,  fit and active.

    So doing at least 30 minutes exercise is just enough for every body type and it gives amazing and magical results to you regarding your mental and physical health.


     Everybody should also remember that exercising in a right way always helps you.If you exercise in the wrong way,it will never benefits you rather it will damage you severely.

       So here are those amazing results which you get when you exercise in daily basis:

          Exercise helps you release your stress and anxiety and it gives you a sense of happiness and it freshens up your mood.

        Exercise aids In weight loss and doing exercise with a proper diet gives you surprising results beyond your imagination.

        Exercise prevents you from all types of chronic and heart diseases as doing exercise or brisk walk  increases blood circulation and blood flow in the body which keeps you away from diseases.

           Exercise helps in controlling diabetes, blood pressure and controlling insulin levels etc.

       Doing exercise helps you fasten up your metabolism and it increases your levels of energy as doing exercise provides you  high energy and enthusiasm.

             Exercise is good for our muscles,bones etc.It is also best for our mental health as doing exercise increases blood flow to the body and it proves best for our brain also.

      Some easy exercises:

            Some easiest exercises that young girls and women both can do easily are:

     1_Cycling (for young girls)

     2_Dance practices even  at your home are also included in exercise of they are done properly.

     3_Skipping rope (skipping rope is best exercise for women and young girls as skipping rope for continuous one hour burns about 1300 calories in a day.)


    5_Push ups 


      These all exercises can be done at home and keep it in mind that doing exercise on a daily basis for just 30 minutes is sufficient for you.So don’t do more than that as doing daily matters.It doesn’t benefits if you do  exercise for 3 hours in a  day and next day,you do nothing.As doing exercise daily also provides you confidence and self_belief in you that is the best thing you can get from yourself.





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