Some effective tips for glowing and bright  skin :
Some effective tips for glowing and bright skin :

Some effective tips for glowing and bright skin :

We are living in a society where everyone wants fair skin colour whether is is male or female.Every body wants him/her to make skin look brighter and fairer.

Here are the most effective tips for making your skin glow and it will also make your skin tone brighter naturally:

      1_First of all,every body should keep this thing in mind that that your  skin becomes what you behave it with.Try your best possible to take care of it.

 2_Take care of your diet and supplements plus your water intake.These all things add to your skin becoming glowing.

3_Take your proper skin care routine.

4_Keep your water intake proper every day.You must drink 10_12 glasses of water every day if you want shine at your face.

5_Aloe vera and aloe vera juice;both are best for the skin.You can massage with aloe vera at your face and must drink aloe vera juice for fresh and glowing skin.

6_Take a tomato.Rub it at your face.It will give you a shiny glow quickly.

7_Curd/yoghurt is best for skin as it suits to every skin type.Massaging with curd also brings out glow at your face and it removes all the darkness from your face.

8_Lemom is also a best skin friendly ingredient that is very little in size but it’s benefits,especially for your skin are much much greater.It lightens dark skin and blemishes.

9_You can also apply a mixture of milk+banana or milk+honey+besan on your face.It is a natural remedy for glowing skin.

10_Rose water is also good for your skin.It hydrates your skin,closes your pores and make your skin glow.

11_Drinking lemon and honey mixed in luke warm water also makes your skin glow and brighter.

These all tips add up to making your skin glow and bright so spend time in taking your care and never regret taking your care and taking out time for yourself.

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