Sports and games:it’s importance in our life
Sports and games:it’s importance in our life

Sports and games:it’s importance in our life

   Sports and games are vital part in our life.Sports makes a man fit and healthy.Every body needs to take out some time for any sport or any physical game so that he remains healthy.

        Sports are compulsory in some famous schools but they should be made compulsory in every school colleges and even at University level as they make students confident,energetic and they play an important role in keeping a student healthy and fit.

         If any one plays any physical game,he spends his energy in playing that and he also learns a lot from that game.If he involves in any team game like cricket or football he also learns how to work and play as a team and if,unfortunately,he loses that game,he knows how to accept his failure and make it a way leading to  his success.

       Sports are a great way to make any person confident as winning and losing is a part of life.So if he wins,he knows how to celebrate it and if he loses the game,he knows how to accept it and he accepts his failure with a calm mind wisely.

    Sports and games  also boost up energy level of a person and they improve person’s health.They keep a person fit,help him maintain his ideal weight and cures them from many types of diseases.If any one plays any physical game regularly,he can also increased his life span as he will not get any type of disease.

  There are many types of games that a person can play to be energetic and to remain far away from diseases.Some examples are:football,cricket,table tennis,hockey,or badminton etc.

     These all games are that games which are based on companionship and to play as a team.These games makes a person adopt in friend’s circle and to behave nicely with other mates.

      All the sports and games must be played and they help person remain stress free,help to cope up with any type of anxiety،depression etc.They also relaxes our mind and makes our mood fresh and makes a great and positive impact on our physical as well as on our mental health.So every body should try to play physical games in order to make positive impacts on our health.



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