Tips to remain happy during this pandemic/bad time:
Tips to remain happy during this pandemic/bad time:

Tips to remain happy during this pandemic/bad time:


Corona is at its peak now a days.It is spreading at high rate in all the countries of the world.Many people are dying because of this and many become healthy again with the blessing of Allah Almighty.But as this virus has limited the people to their houses,bound them not to attend parties,gatherings etc.,people have become bored at their homes.

The first case of corona virus appeared in 2019,and that’s why it is also called covid-19.But up till now,this virus cannot be eradicated.Scientists all over the world and of great companies are trying their best to eradicate this virus completely from the world,bit their efforts are not giving them hundred percent result and they have not succeeded completely in eradicating it.

This pandemic has created an atmosphere of sorrow all over the world.The entire world,powers are not able to do anything in front of a tiny virus that cannot be seen with a naked eye.This virus has changed the lives of millions of people.Some lost their jobs while some lost their loved ones as they became victims of the virus.Everyone is suffering across the world so it is our duty to help those people who are suffering due to these bad times.

      Reasons we should remain happy:

Being sad or upset doesn’t give us much satisfaction and benefits as being happy and calm give us.Wgen we are happy, our body releases hormone which are much beneficial for our health.Being happy can increase our life span if we add it wit some other simple things like nutritious food,walk and exercise etc.

Coming to the topic again,here are some tips to remain happy:

*Do not try to compare your life with anyone else who is more rich than you.Comparison never give any person happiness until is for the positive purpose.

*Always try to be positive in your life.Try to find any positive thing in even the worst situation.

*As due to the situation,we are closed in our houses and cannot go to any public places,so try to spend the maximum time with your family.

*Help any needy person if you can.It will give you joy.

*By taking advantage of social media,you can talk to your friends or relatives etc,through social media platforms.Try to make close friendship, relationship with them.

*Watch any movie of your choice if you have much free time.

*Read books,novels of your choice as reading opens and broadens your mind.



We should try our possible to help people smile again if  they want to.Even a single smile on face of any single person can make our day and due to their help,we can make our life better as we attain blessings and prayers by the person whom we helped.

In the last,. Just :

        “Stay home,

         Stay safe.”














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