Uses and abuses of Mobile phone;
Uses and abuses of Mobile phone;

Uses and abuses of Mobile phone;


Mobile phone is one of the biggest and disastrous invention of the century that has brought an insane change to the world.The use of  mobile phones earlier was just limited to attending and talking on calls just to exchange any necessary information with each other.This use of mobile phone was not causing any harm to the society as it was just used for fair purpose.

        But as time moved on ,the world become more and more advanced in the field of technology and made more and more  newer  inventions that increased the features of mobile phone which were,to some extent,good and they were also somewhat bad for it’s  users .

            Uses of mobile phones:

             First mobile phone was used for communication through calls but then new features such as:calculator,calendar,dictionary etc were added in it.We can also do research at any topic which we need because of the internet facility available in mobile phones.

Mobile phones has modern features in it that enables it’s users to do video calls .It benefitted the people living far away from each other  to see the faces of their relatives or their family members etc.Mobile phone has many other extraordinary features that made it useful for the person working in air conditioned office to the lay man also.

      Misuses of mobile phones:

        But as there are two faces of a picture and everything has its uses as well as abuses.It is  said totally right :

      “Nothing is good or bad,it’s use                make it good or bad.”

          So the abuses of mobile phone are even much greater than its uses  if it is not used rightly . Mobile phone attracts the young generations to do wrong deeds.It has destroyed our youth especially.People are made so used_to of using mobile unnecessarily that they even do not have time for their family. 

       Every thing is not true in social media .It also creates a chaos when any news is spread without knowing the reality and disturbs the whole society.So it is also misuse of the media power.Mobile phones using without need is just a stupid thing as it also causes negative physical impacts on us.Using mobile for long time without taking break can cause great problem for our mental and physical health as well.Our eyes are disturbed by the brightness of the screen and eyes become affected by it.Not just our eyes but our whole body is affected if we make its longer use without taking a break.

       There are great advantages as well as disadvantages of mobile phones.We can not ignore it’s positive uses and we also cannot put aside it’s negative effects on our society and our health.So we should maintain a balance in using it.Excessice use of every thing is bad.So we should try to use  mobile phones for important use  and try to avoid using it unnecessarily if we can.We should try to use it for bringing a positive change in our life and if we use it in the right way,it can be great thing for us and the society.

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