What to do when you are bored or when you want to pass your time:
What to do when you are bored or when you want to pass your time:

What to do when you are bored or when you want to pass your time:


Today,when a man is living in the era of 2021 and breathing in the era of pandemic, Corona virus,he badly needs to take out some leisure time for him/her so that he put himself out of the monotonous life.

People have more chances to be angry and furious when they have nothing to do and they can’t find something to make their time productive or useful.Then some stupid options left for them are eating,sleeping or be angry at some of their family member or even himself which he finds the best way to kill his time.

But this is not the right thing to do when you have free time.

     How to utilize your free time:

Here are some things and tips given which can be useful in your free time and maybe they can also make your time productive and useful:

         Some tips:

*First of all,you have to be relaxed and calm when you have free time and meditate yourself.

As meditation is the best way to approach the better version of you and be prepared for your future that should be bright.

*Don’t lose hope in this time of pandemic and be always remain motivated and prepare yourself to understand the situation  that you have been going through.

    Things to do in            free time:

Here are the things that you can do in your free time to utilize it wisely:

The best thing that you can do is to pray to Allah Almighty that may this pandemic end soon and we start living a normal life again.

*You can do anything related to your religion (prayer)which is useful for you.

*Give yourself a proper time to groom yourself and look the best of all.

*To groom yourself you may go to a parkour or may groom yourself looking tutorials at the internet as everyone can not afford it.

*You can watch a movie again that you have once watched earlier because it will give you good and positive vibes as you already knew what is going to happen in it.

*Go for a walk as walking releases good hormones that make you happy

*Make yourself some food.Even if you don’t know anything,try something after searching from google,youtube etc.Trying anything new will give you a sense if motivation.

*Play any type of game.But be sensible to choose the type of game as there are many stupid games on the internet that are spoiling the youth.

*Give time to your family members and you will surely enjoy their company.

*Study any novel,book or magazine of your choice.

In the last,I would just say that in your free time never be out of mind and always try to utilize your time wisely as time is much precious and it should not be wasted in bad things.

Life has been given just once to       you,so spent it wisely and happily.



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