What to do when you fail in life:
What to do when you fail in life:

What to do when you fail in life:

Life is a mixture of good and bad things.Some times,you are too much happy that you just can’t thank Allah enough for giving you that blessing.But some times, you feels much exhausted when you fail in life or due to any other reason that gives you anxiety,depression etc.

There are many factors that play role in Why you feel failure sometimes I’m your life:

The first reason might be your habit of doing comparison of your life with others.Always doing comparison of your life with others can not give you satisfaction even if you did better or even the best.You will always long for the things and luxuries that others have any you do not have.

The other thing can be unrealistic expectations.

Poor self concept also gives you a sense of sadness and homelessness in your self.

Low self_esteem is also a main factor in making you feel failed in life.

        Ways to cope up with these situations:

Here are some general tips to cope up with failure in your life:

            1_ Try to embrace your emotions. Spend some time in thinking and realising what you want in life and get yourself some free time or meditation etc.  in which you just spend time with yourself and try to realise your emotions and thinking’s in that time.

2_Find some friend,family member or your life partner with whom you can share your story and your emotions which you can not share with any other person and you have been collected then since long.

3_Ask yourself what you have mearnt from the failure.As failure always comes with a lesson.It teaches you a beautiful lesson of your life in a bitter face.You always learn from your failures but only if you want to learn.So always try to learn from your failures.

4_Do some research on famous failures.People who fail in life but they cope up with the situation so smartly and intelligently that they,after learning from the situation,become just remarkable personalities and never lose their spirits after failing. They just started from the beginning and excelled on their lives.

Don’t lose hope.Just believe in yourself and your abilities and talent.Start from the beginnig.Keep your spirits high.

If you fail in life, but don’t have lose your spirit,it means you have the ability to win the race.

Failing once in life should not make you feel bad about yourself or you should not think that it’s all over and now you could do nothing.Instead you should start with a new level of energy and high level of spirits.Again try your level best to win and keep your morale high.

Never take your failure as a permanent failure.Try to make it as a ladder that will lead you towards success and one day, you will succeed if you keep on working hard and keep your eye on the goal.It will help you in achieving your goal




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